Inner tie bar play

I have some play which I’m told is from the inner tier bar, track rod ends are new and fitted by professional, as was the power steering rack upgrade.

When I loosen the lock nut to the track rod end the tie bar turns freely, should it?.

I opened the gaiter and the tie bar looks firmly connected and the locking washer is in place and bent over.

Any ideas anyone?
P.S…I realised the inner tie bar spins in the ball joint…:slight_smile:

I remember adjusting them many years ago on British cars if there is a locking device it should be possible to take up the slack and re lock it.

Thanks for advice on locking washer, I need to jack the wheel off the ground for better feeling of play.

There aren’t any new tie bars out there so will probably leave till after current crisis and will need the proper tie bar tool, or garage with one.

The inner tie bar is attached to the steering rack via a ball joint so should be able to rotate if the track rod end lock but is not tight. When you say “freely” is it loose? It should have an amount of resistance. There is no adjustment.

thanks Robbie, the bar isn’t loose but does turn in the socket as you describe. I’m taking care not to adjust tracking. I will jack the wheel up and see if I can bring about the play that I do feel when on full lock its cracks, like a worn ball joint.
Suggestion was the tie bar could just need tightening although cant see it coming undone with the locking washer in place.
I will need a tie bar release tool and get a new tie bar anyway for power steering and change if need be. mx5 parts out of stock right now. ? do you know the nut size on the inner tie bar, assume its mm.