Insurance companies

Hopefully getting a 1.8i Mk2.5 soon. Any recommendation for insurance companies. Mid fifties driver in rural Norfolk.

Have you tried the online comparison sites like and

 Just insured my new MX5 1.6 with adrian flu. I had no NCD i could use as its on my main car so starting afresh with 3 points for an SP30 [:$] and inclusing the good lady £170 TPFT unlimited mileage.

 Due to my age things would be cheap.
It’s the supercharger that bumps it up. [:P]

direct line

fully comp   £232.00

no probs

Try AON they do an MX-5 / Roadster policy


I have my insurance with Adrian Flux, they hooked me up with N.I.G Insurance…

 I’m 23, 4 years NCB, 1 Previous Bump Declared from 2005 (not at fault)

£580 Full comp with EU and break down cover…

Aon - Mk3 2 litre, unlimited mileage, agreed value £10K not market value (currently £7K), age 38, full NCD with one bump in 2006 50/50 liability, £176 fully comp

How on earth you get quotes like this I’ve no idea.
I’m 32 yrs old, 9yrs no claims, myself and partner to drive, no points, accident in 04 where someone else hit me, all stuff recovered, lowered springs, stainless steel exhaust, other than that, 13000 miles a year, small business use mileage.
 Nearest they can get £800!

Aon is dealt with by Footman James BTW.
 My renewal is with A-Plan and that’s £480 ish.


50 yo. Full NCD, 8000 miles pa (I’ll need to raise that next year! [:D] ), unmodified 1.8i.

Privilege (via, £147’ish, with £150 excess, includes EU travel up to 30 days, windscreen (with £50 excess).

Swiftcover £125’ish, but excess was £300!

Broker for my Land Rover - £415 for the MX-5…  Aon £225.  Should have checked with Carole Nash what a ‘6 wheel’ policy would be for MX-5 and the Triumph…


The NFU used to be very good for LR insurance-----

Adrian Flux - 29yrs old 1yrs NCD on this car. Insured for me and the wife I have 3 points for using the mobby while driving [:(] insured fully comp with breakdown cover (platinum) all of just over £200


47 years young , 12 years plus no claims and a 94 Roadster was £250 ish, but when I added the fact that it had a roll bar (cage) insurance went through the roof and the most of the companies that i had quotes from wouldn’t touch it . Using a comparison site the insurance companies that would insure me went down from 50 plus to only 3 . and the best quote was £915 .[8o|]

 I eventually went with HSBC as they were the only company that did not count the bar as an increase in risk.

 I wonder how many 5 owners declare the style bars or roll cage as a mod . If you do the premium is loaded automatically by 300%.

Funny thing is I insure a 7.2litre Jensen for only £120 per year and that includes the whole shabang and breakdown cover.[:D]

Adrian Flux again. £140 classic cover with agreed valuation & limited mileage.(1992 1.6 unmodified Roadster, i`m 50 & its a weekend car so no No-Claims bonus of course)

Cheapest I could find was £590 TPF&T £150 excess… I am 22 with 2 years NCD though! With E-car.

Age makes the biggest difference - at 22 you were bound to be seen as a risk ;o)

 Absolutely but even still - just over £500 for 22 yrs old on a soft top is a good premium.  I think some of my 1st policies on boring cars was £700+

 Good job IMO

 I’ve got a multicar policy with Admiral and trying to figure out the individual cost of each car on it is far from easy. I do know that to change from n '02 1.4 Fiesta to a new 2.0 Sport was 105quid for the remaining 7 months. I’m guessing I’ll be shopping around in August.[*-)]
Mind you, the 18yo guy who recently bought my mother in laws '98 1.4 zetec Fiesta, picked it up just before Xmas and told his non bonus insurance was £3350[:|] On a 750 quid car!!

Hi, I went to the Money Saving Expert site and just followed the recommendations for searching insurance sites that they listed on there. I got a really cheap quote (for me at 29yrs) from Halifax Insurance via a search on the comparison site. I chose this one because I found that Halifax gave a cheapest quote on Money Supermarket comparison site, and then MoneyExpert offered £20 cash back if I chose the same cover through their site (as a result of following the link placed on the MoneySavingExpert site). I had to fill in a short form about two weeks after cover began to claim the cashback. Got a quote of £240.15.

Hope you find a great deal!