Insurance costs following power uprate

…er dare I ask this again, as there is probably some discussion previously…

Anyone recently done a power uprate and informed their insurance company, and if so how much did the premium go up by ?

I rang Saga with an enquiry if I uprated my Mk3 with BBR Super 180 naturally aspirated power uprate, which would take it from 158 to 182 BHP. After a lengthy wait, when the agent had no idea what I was talking about but contacted the underwriters, they advised an increase in the premium of ~£80/annum. Seemed a lot to me and wondered if anyone had better experience with any other insurer.

I had my Jaguar F-Pace remapped before Xmas. Power went from 177 to 207 BHP and torque from 430 to 475 Nm. My insurance went up by about £40 per year, although there was a £10 flat rate admin fee in addition. The annual insurance was £280 this year, so that’s about a 14% rise.

Hi, We had our ND upgraded with a BBR 220 modification plus Wilwood Brakes and Full BBR exhaust system
All mods declared and increase was around £15 on a policy of £280. That was with LV

“Generally” insurance companies work on the principle of % increase. Strangely, I was with saga for a while and they would not accept any power increase modifications.
Found it was just a case of shopping around and it’s also post code dependant. So what could be good for you could be rubbish for someone else.
I do know that Admiral are good generally across the country. (As I use).
Even better if you switch it all to multi cover. :+1:
For some reason, the specialist ones were the most expensive. :man_shrugging:
Happy hunting. :slightly_smiling_face:

been with reis for ages now they do it in bands if I remember corretly when I did my remap it didn’t go up because I had suspension and other things and was under the next band.
i have always told my insurance about everything, I have questioned it for a few years now knowing people who have modded cars been in accidents and had no comeback at all one was even allowed to remove his mods after the accident (yes mods that were not declared).

I have always declared my modifications and I don’t find it that expensive usually. It’s mad but I asked for a quote if I added ghost to my M140 and it put the premium up by about £100. It’s a modification apparantly :man_facepalming:t3:

Insurance companies will always charge as much as they can and increase it for any reason they can find. When it comes to paying out they will try anything not to pay the full amount, That is their business model and we (the customers) are not going to change that!

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All of these prices seem reasonable. I’d always assumed that insurance companies would really take advantage and add many hundreds onto a premium.

When I bought my Defender 90 about 4 years ago I wanted privacy glass fitted to the side and back windows, the reasons were because there is nowhere to hide anything, it keeps the interior cooler and because it’s a film it adds some protection on glass breakage, it also in my opinion looks good on a black car. Now you could have specified privacy glass from Land Rover when buying it new, I did when I bought my Mini Cooper, I was then reading in a magazine that you should tell your insurance company, so I phoned the broker and they said if it was factory fitted then there wouldn’t be a problem but if you get it fitted as an aftermarket then the company I was with won’t insure me, I then asked if there was a company that would insure me and there was for about another £30, but in the end the company I was with relented because the broker but a bit of pressure on them and they were a good customer.

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