Insurance quotes

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My insurance is due next month. Any advice where to look or should I just go on a compare site

Compare site is favourite but I wouldn’t bother if you have mods, standard cars fine.
Having said that about mods I put my NC in the compare sites with mods, it does give you an idea of prices, not favourable in my case.
Admiral (go direct) will quote you with mods, of course it’s all about your driving record, the area you live in etc etc. Being a new customer and really wanting your business this month next month is another factor. Doing a compare with others gives you a base (average) price to aim at, that’s what I always do because the first thing Admiral ask me is, what’s your best quote, it’s a game they like to play

I just renewed all 3 of our cars with Howdens (was A-Plan) and was pleasantly surprised compared to what I had been hearing of premiums shooting up across the board. I had considered switching if they came back dear but the renewal wasn’t bad at all. Limited mileage on the nc (3k) as a second vehicle, 40 years old, max ncd, fully comp with all mods declared and missus on the policy, legal protection, agreed value and protected ncb.