Insurance refund

I havn’t looked into this as basically I’m unable to drive my car at present due to the pandemic and that its insured for social use only excluding commuting to work. Should a refund be in order noting that Admiral have have announced a refund for their policy holders? Moreover if you are using your car for a non essential journey are you still covered?

I read something similar on another forum, that was more about taking the car off the road and cancel the insurance too.
I spoke with Admiral last year when renewing stating my car could be off the road tucked up in the garage for 4 months, no winter use. The question, do I get a reduction? basically no I didn’t because it’s still insured incase I want to use it on road. It was always worth asking.
The last part of you query about essential use, well I don’t really think that’s written into any policy, only social, domestic etc or the addition of commuting are the normal items to cover.
I keep mine covered for 12 months, I guess if you cancel it then re insure when back in use you get hit with admin fees making hardly worth cancelling. You still need cover for damage/theft whilst parked up, off-road or garaged.

I may well be wrong but i’d be concerned about loosing my No Claims Bonus ???

I got this through from Lancaster.

Coronavirus and your car insurance - Lancaster Insurance is here to support you

2nd April, 2020

Coronavirus and your car insurance - Lancaster Insurance is here to support you

For many, spring signifies starting the engine of our classics and looking forward to the season ahead. This year, however, we understand enthusiasts will be unsure when they’ll be able to do this.

We’ve been receiving a lot of queries from club members during this time, so Andrew Evanson, Senior Operations Manager at Lancaster Insurance, answers a number of these questions.

Following the restrictions the government has put in place, what impact does this have on my classic car insurance?

At Lancaster Insurance our opinion is that, even though you might not be using your classic in the same way as usual, we’d encourage you to still make sure it is safeguarded. None of us can be sure how the current situation will end but one option the government has is to enforce intermittent periods of restricted movement. Adventures may be postponed for now, but by making sure you’re continuously insured means you’ll be ready to get out on the road as soon as restrictions are lifted.

The single biggest risk to your classic car is theft so it’s important to maintain insurance cover and be extra vigilant when it comes to your vehicle security, including ensuring your vehicle is left in a secure place.

The government has said that travel to the supermarket and pharmacy are permitted so wouldn’t it be great to see our classics used for these essential trips. It would help keep them ticking over and certainly put a smile on many faces!

I won’t be using my classic car as frequently during the lockdown, are there any savings I can make?

Lancaster Insurance policies offer a number of benefits, including a discount of up to 25% for car club members and a number of limited mileage options. If you think your mileage is going to be reduced significantly for the foreseeable future, you can lower your predicted annual mileage. When you are looking for new insurance, talk directly to us so we can fully understand your circumstances and provide a tailored quote.

To help further, Lancaster Insurance is offering members a £15 discount on all new policies, by simply quoting DISC15 when speaking to an agent or getting a quote online. (T&Cs apply*).

During this time, I plan to spend some time working on my classic in my garage. Do I still need to insure my car?

You will need some protection in place should the worst happen. At Lancaster Insurance we can arrange a specialist laid up policy which will cover for Accidental Damage, Fire and Theft.

The cover will protect your vehicle, its parts and accessories. So, should your vehicle be stolen, lost as a result of a fire, or a rogue toolbox falls from a shelf and bashes your bonnet, a laid up policy will offer you peace of mind in even the most unanticipated of situations.

I’ve volunteered my time to help the NHS in the fight against coronavirus - do I need to add anything to my existing insurance?

We have been overwhelmed by the generosity of people who have volunteered to support the NHS. For our Lancaster Insurance policyholders, we’re pleased to confirm that if you use your classic to volunteer during this time, whether that is picking up supermarket shopping for those less able, delivering medicine or transporting patients to routine medical appointments, we will extend your cover at no additional cost. You do not need to call us to let us know you are volunteering, cover will be extended automatically.

How is Lancaster Insurance dealing with the current situation? Can we still contact you?

We have now arranged for most of our specialist staff to work from home. If you do need to get in touch with us our phone lines remain open ( 01480 400 927 ) and our team is on hand to help with all of your insurance needs. We’re striving to achieve our usual high service levels and we’d encourage customers where possible to use the self-service portal to renew ( ) or for more general enquiries please email - we are here to support you.
*T&Cs can be found at