Insurance refunds

I wonder who out there has or will receive a refund due to reduced mileage as a result of the lockdown.

We have two policies, one with Churchill who actually volunteered a refund, and one with the AA who flatly refused when asked.

Admiral have just given me £50 refund (£25 each car) without even asking.
I know others have too.
Due to not so many claims being made apparently.
I thought it was quite a nice gesture to be honest. :slightly_smiling_face:

Got my Admiral one this week. Direct Line says contact them if your mileage is lower than you advised. I said 8,000 annual but will have done far less as only showing 7,600 since new in Nov 2019! May be lucky . . . .

Is that a “typo”, as the way I read that is the car was new in November 2019. You said an annual mileage of 8000 to which you have already done 7600? Which only leaves you 400 miles to do until November 2020🤔

Yep, typo! Should read November 2018. Its an age thing…

Cheers for that :joy::+1:

DL wrote and asked me to estimate my little Fiat Panda’s recent weekly mileage since the lockdown. Since I’ve been in hospital and had a major abdominal “op” which stopped me from driving it was only about 30 per week (my wife borrowed it a few times to go shopping). They’ve refunded me just over £11! Oh well, better than a poke in the eye. But they have retained the same annual mileage limit of 10,000. I doubt I’ll catch up.

Direct line have notified us there may be a refund based on low mileage during the lockdown, we had to give them a weekly figure.

Direct Line are now asking me to register my car’s current mileage on their web site, when the policy comes up for renewal they say if I re-enter the new mileage at that point they may refund me some additional premium if I have done sufficiently fewer miles than anticipated.

They do ask that I take pictures of the odometer each time so I am able to prove the figures if necessary.

Hmm, I was with Direct Line for many years on and off with four different cars, good steady insurance, no price hikes.

But more recently they began jacking up the renewals, and when they refused to negotiate this last time I moved away to LV=; it is now back down to the level it had been three years earlier with DL, same cover.

I went the other way this year when LV jacked up their renewal prices

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Yes, it is a game they play. I can play it too.

I’m happy to haggle each year knowing I can walk away to another insurer or even back to a former one (recapture deal!), and always point out previous history and low mileage.