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I’m looking to re-do the insurance for my MX-5 this Christmas, I will be 21 by then, any advice on which insurance company to go with? Unsure whether to completely avoid the mainstream companies and look at Japanease/modified car insurance companies or a classic car company? 

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You really need to say which model you have, whether modified or standard?

I found whilst looking for insurance for my daughter, she had newly passed her test but over 25 yrs old that it was benificial to add an experienced driver on the policy, a named driver (such as parents) it brought the premium down considerably. We got the best quote from Admiral at the time, she is still with them, infact I swapped over to them last year on the strength the good service, and price we have both had thus far. Must say each insurance company views cars/postcode areas, circumstances etc differently, in other words they wildly differ sometimes unreasonably.

And sometimes cheapest doesn’t mean best service when you need them. Adrian Flux were hopeless when it came to a claim, Footman James (aka Aon) were excellent.


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Mainstream insurance companies will be very nervous of your age so go to the likes of Footman James, Lancaster and Adrian Flux etc. who will be much more understanding by far.


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I found that the company with the big red phone were by far the cheapest for me - I obtained fully comp cover for 45% less than the companies that are supposed to give us a preferential rate through the club.

I just insured my 1990 eunos 1.6 with Lancaster for £380 which is pretty good considering my BMW was written off (non fault) in October last year and then the eunos was written off 2 weeks ago (my fault, bought back and repaired myself). Current insurer wanted £1000, AF wanted £780, direct line wouldn’t insure a 1990. Sky wouldn’t even quote me.

I’m 28 with 3 years NCB. 

Not Adrian Flux… a very bad experience which I will never repeat!

Not going to offer any advise on what company to go with but there is one important point. Get your quotes 21 days before you want cover to start. There was a very interesting article on the Money Saving Expert website recently showing this was the optimum time for paying the minimum premium. As the policy start date approaches prices rise. Get your quote the day before start date and the price can more more than double. Strangely it also rises if you check earlier than the 21 days.

Put a note on your calendar 21 days before you want the policy to start.

I tend to disagree (not necessarily with your bad experience but your comment against them), I’ve had my cars & bikes insured with Adrian Flux for a good few years now and haven’t faulted them.

And if you’re 21 A-aron, you’d probably appreciate the Fluxbabes calendar (move over Pirrelli), I’ve asked for a free one in the past to seal the deal.

Took my eyes out over my 4x4,  then tried to charge me a exit fee 1 day after i paid in full online.Had to jump through hoops for full refund.NEVER AGAIN! Took over 3 mths to get my monies back.


im now 26 and been with Admiral since i was 17. at 26 my insurance is only £300 for my 2.0 Sport

When i was 21 i had a Fabia VRS and they pretty reasonable at £6-700 if i remember correctly.

My wife is 24 and she has new Audi Q3 and only costs her £500 with Admiral

it really all depends on your details. your postcode plays a massive part on quotes!! also i noticed that when you are married the price seems to drop. 


*** a good tip however is dont tell them you keep it locked away in your garage as it costs more than telling them it stays in your driveway, strange i know but it think its do with the size of claim if stolen/fire is much higher if it is within a building


Not quite the case on your last point about garages.
I insured both my cars last year on a multi policy, when the documents came through I noticed an error. I specifically told them my Mk3 is garaged when not in use and the daily driver is kept on the driveway, they had both cars logged as kept on the driveway. I informed them of their error and they reduced my premium by £20, not a fantastic amount but the price they put on whether garaged or otherwise. I’m also with Admiral.

I agree with Roadie re renewal dates. I’ve just renewed my BMW X5 for 1st September and some, but not all, quotes went up significantly between this week and last week.

The MX5 is insured through Esure and I’ve found them to be very good. I’ve only got 2 years no claims as it’s my second car but the premium was the same as my Daihatsu Copen and they chucked in a free number plate transfer within 14 days. They are sticklers for any mods though so make sure of full disclosure of aftermarket stereos etc. I forgot about my parking sensors but they logged it when I rang back to correct my mistake.