For those with forced induction, who are you insured with?

I’m currently with A-plan at £337 and looking for competitive alternatives. Brentacre are more expensive and I haven’t heard anything good about Adrian Flux. I’m waiting to hear from Greenlight. Anyone else worth trying?

A Plan here

The best thing you can do is throw your details at the comparison sites, we are all different and whats good for one isn’t for another.

Agree with Safetymatch - try something like Moneysupermarket as they (and others) have a mods section. At least it gives you a starting point which you could follow up with others who don’t use these sites. Good luck.

A-plan consistently find us the best value (ie bang for buck) house insurance. But my deals directly with Admiral (NC) and Direct Line (Mazda3) are better than A-Plan offered for the two cars.  Again Ad and DL are not the cheapest but good cover and reliable companies I have history with who (so far) have not jacked up the costs.

As above  for me re Admiral, it’s best to give them a call and explain your mods. I didn’t realise they accepted mods, not sure about power mods though. Worth a phone call but do have a barter with them, it’s worked for me and I ended up with a good price

I was with Admiral before I modified the car.  Bizarrely they were happy to cover the turbo conversion but refused to quote when I lowered the suspension.  This was a couple of years ago so they may have changed their conditions since then.


For my 1998 Mk2, surprisingly Direct Line were the cheapest I could find anywhere. 55% of the cost of my A. Flux’s renewal quote.

It is a bit of a lottery.
Tried all the ones associated with Owners clubs and had no luck.
Got mine with Greenlight in the end.


Yes mine’s got Meisters on and of course lowered plus everything else non standard declared with them.

They suprised me that they wanted to cover the Mk3 as I was looking for insurance for my daily driver only.

They beat previous quotes I’d had and that included A-Plan, Greenlight and most mainstream insurers and I think I’ve been with most over the years.

They got to insure me for a second year as normally I have a few compare site quotes handy for reference come renewal time, no company could match or beat them.

I got mine insured with Greenlight. No one else would touch me. It’s £650 for up to 6,500 miles a year, which should prove to be more than enough.

I have a classic multi car policy with footman James it was £437 for my pajero and my eunos (stock)
I’ve just added a supercharger cobalt exhaust new brakes and lowered suspension
On phoneing them up to declare the mods the first question they asked was how much power
And second question was have you done the brakes
My premium went up to £589 so just over £150 increase not bad for an agreed value policy with shows and event cover thrown in

I got a renewal of my policy via Greenlight. As I said earlier, my first policy through them cost me £650 for up to 6,500 miles per annum. They sent me a renewal proposal through and it’s gone down to £469 for the second year! Can’t complain at that! ??