Insurer experience?

I’ve just insured my newly-purchased NC2 through Adrian Flux which has been underwritten by Trinity Lane. Premium was slightly higher than like-for-like options through comparison websites but I’m hoping the policy is better tailored to my needs having gone through a specialist broker. The AF agent was certainly very thorough and professional.
I’d appreciate any feedback from other members who have gone this route. Claims experience? Support etc. ?

The last time I had a claim was over 10 years ago, and it was through Adrian Flux. They left my car in a garage awaiting an engineer, because they had forgotten about it.

I’ll be dead honest, when it came to the claim side of things with AF , when you don’t need the extra stress , they were terrible, they are a broker at the end of the day ,so everything is always dealt with by the third parties that have no idea, the stuff we dealt with for two of our admins was a disaster, hard work , unprofessional and very stressful when not needed, very good to give policies, nightmare when the unthinkable does happen.
thumbs down from us.
My only ever advise with insurance is shop around and ask for experiences.

I have only dealt with AF to buy insurance and they were helpful, courteous and offered me the best deal on a modified car .

I have made two claims in the last 30 years , both for major damage and both when insured with Tesco. They could not have been more helpful - just don’t try insuring even a lightly modified car with them…

Thanks for the replies. I must admit I was influenced in choosing AF because of their link on the club website. However, can’t help feeling a bit of “buyer’s remorse” at this point. I don’t have an issue with paying a little more for the policy than I might have done elsewhere but I’m more concerned about how any claims might be treated in future, not to mention costs/fees for policy changes or even cancellation. Reviews seem quite mixed on sites such as trust pilot. All a bit marmite. Either love them or hate them. I guess I’ll let the first year run and see what transpires. Fingers crossed.

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You did some home work and made a considered judgement so stop worrying about it.
We make thousands of ‘judgements’ during our life and absolutely none of them will have been ‘perfect’ so just enjoy the car and don’t worry about what might be and just deal with what actually happens when it happens.


Thanks. That’s great advice. :+1:

I’m glad we could offer you a competitive insurance package.

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