Interior / Body modders in the area?

Hi Gang,

Had a look around on the MX5 and did a very thorough search and I’m hooked. The car is reliable and is extremely fun to drive.
Do we have any experts around West London to recommend and carry out modifications to interior / body (obviously not for free but as a service).

Thanks in advance.


Hi Aram
What kind of mods are you thinking of in particular? I would go as far to say that a lot of interior mods could be done yourself, unless you’re talking about reupholstery.
I can’t think of anyone specific but I’m sure other members will be along to make suggestions.

Hello :slight_smile:

Honestly i’d rather get a professional to do it rather than myself. Probably an installation of an autoplay and an upholstery change to complete white.
Just need to know what are the boundaries (i.e. figuring out how to install a 10inch screen on a mx5 2015).


2015 is the year the MK4 was introduced and the answer is likely to be quite different depending on whether you have a MK3 or MK4 variant.

MK3 most likely


I suspect the boundaries are your pocket. Probably loads of places in London who can bling the car.


Recall back in the day an airline pilot who had his laguna blue Mk1 customised with an all silver interior, including silver leather.

Do you know any shops that would? Googling something like this is not as simple as I expected :