Interior light delay


I want to fit interior light delay.

But the seller writes:

Only for cars, with negative door switching signal !  If your cars is with positive switching, please contacts us, for suitable timer.”

So…  .yyyy… my NC is positive or negative ?

Negative switching.

All right.

Thanks !

I recently fitted one of these:

Easy wire in and works perfectly.

I’ve bought the same and waiting for a delivery.

Where did you hide that plastic box ? Was enough space near light ?



I mounted the box inside my glove box, fitted it in the bottom right corner.

Drilled a small hole and ran out the two wires to connect onto plastic terminal blocks I already had mounted behind the glove box for my extra footwell lighting.

The box is about 3 x 2 x 2 cms, so pretty small. There is a variable resistor for the timing delay so I drilled a hole in the box and fitted a switch cap. I’ve mounted the box using double sided number plate adhesive strip and with the switch cap uppermost I can alter the delay time by just reaching into the glove box.

It’s a very basic timing circuit but it works perfectly with adjustment between zero and roughly 25 secs.

Understand. But as I see in the picture that wires are quite short so I guess need some to fit all together ?

Apologies but the resistor cap I was talking earlier is for the light dimming circuit I added for an additional dash instrument and nothing to do with the delay timer.
Too much Guinness last night!

The interior light delay timing circuit has a variable resistor mounted on the circuit board which you can access with a screwdriver if you drill a small hole in the plastic box.
Just mount the box so that the hole is accessible.

The wires from the circuit board are only about 15cms if I remember correctly. It’s easy enough to just solder on longer wires or extend the originals.

The small circuit board is not secured inside the plastic box and as I didn’t want it rattling about I secured it with another piece of double sided insulating tape.

You’ll see all this when your package arrives. Good luck with the fitting.

Thanks for that manual.
Well… nick Guinnessman obligates you… :slight_smile:

The delay box can be fitted almost anywhere.One wire is earth/ground and the other spurs off the wire that runs to the courtesy light pin switch on the door pillar/frame.No need to mount it anywhere close to the interior light.