Is my shock absorber broken?

Hi all,
 Today a friend and I performed a cambelt service (waterpump, seals etc) and refurbed the HLA’s using the guide at It all went reasonably well, although one HLA is still ticking loudly. The part that took the longest was removing the oil filter, I ended up driving a screwdriver through it in order to get leverage. My assistant cleaned 10 HLAs in the time it took me to curse and bleed my way through removing the filter. The whole job took 11 hours.
 The problem was noticed when the car was taken off the axle stands; the rear passenger side is now sitting nearly two inches higher than the other side. What’s going on? Is it likely to settle, or do I need to start looking for new shocks?
 '95 1.8 Mk1

Take it for a drive and see if it settles,also check the low side for a broken spring


 Yep, a short drive cured it. 
thanks :wink: