Is there a K&N Typhoon induction for Mk1 1.8

Hi All,

So I’m really keen on purchasing and installing some sort of induction (K&N, Pipercross etc) filter upgrade on my VR-Limited Mk1.

I see that there are quite a few options for the 1.6 Mk1 but not so much for the 1.8 Mk1… For example, the Jackson Racing Cold Air intake seems like it can only be fitted to a 1.6 variant, is this correct? Can it be modified to fit a 1.8 or is there a 1.8 version of this mod?

Also, I like the look of the K&N Typhoon kit but it only seems applicable to the 1.8 Mk2/2.5???

Aaagghh!! Can anyone advice me on the above and also the best way to get a little more power into the car without necessarily Installing a supercharger or turbo…?

95/96’ VR-Limited

I had a Jackson racing cold air on a 1.8NA, nice it was.

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I had a K&N cone on my 1840cc Mk1.
Sounded cool, but that was it. I went back to standard with a K&N pad as a compromise.
Hot weather heat-soak caused urban stop-start issues sometimes, as despite a custom baffle above the manifold, it pretty much fried the cone. Not great.
Missed the Super Marine Spitfire sound track though between 5-7k revs…the only good thing I had to say about it.
Investigate the near-side bulkhead cold-air intake mod though…the cooler the induction the better. You’ll get placebo BHP hike but nowt to boast of that makes a performance difference really.

Great ok will do and thanks for the info… by ‘Near side bulkhead cold air intake you mean the Jackson racing cold air’ mod mentioned earlier, or something else?

Ah really?? Did you have to modify it at all, as all the ones I’ve seen online say that it’s for a 1.6…??

so far as I know it was a 1.8 kit. I installed it having bought from another Club member who had it in his MK1, and I know it had been in another previous to that. A year or so ago it got sold again by the new owner of my old car when the car was scrapped. So it had been in at least 3 different MK1s in its time, so it wasn’t exactly new!. Look out for a 1.8 kit second hand.
Affect of all the various induction kits I think is the perception of more power as it does make the cars sound a lot better.

Ok brilliant, thank you, Martin. I will bear that in mind. May even have a search online for the fitting instructions as I imagine they may reveal more of the thinking plot.