Is this an SVT Sport?

Hi all, I previously owned an NB SVT Sport & regret selling it, so I’m looking for another. This very low mileage model has just appeared on Autotrader, but is it a full SVT ( with Bilsteins, bigger brakes etc ) ? Or was there a ‘Sport’ model that wasn’t full SVT spec? The wheels look wrong for an SVT to my inexpeienced eye. Thanks in advance.

Yes, 04-05 svt had those wheels, they tended to corrode quite badly if not looked after.

Your earlier previous svt probably looked more like mine

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Recently bought a SVT with these alloys, what PSI do you usually pump it to?

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Mine are recommended to be at 26psi, much lower than a normal family car. They were over inflated when I bought it and it really affected the handling!
Not sure if the newer sport alloys are the same though!!


Later Sport models had those wheels so assuming they haven’t been retro fitted then it’ll be a real Sport. All facelift 1.8 had VVT, that one should have Billes, LSD, big brakes etc.


MY 2002 so -called Sport has those alloys as standard…or rather they are in the loft due to corrosion.
Were Yellow Billies not a Dealer Option Pack ?
That’s what I was told at a Dealer anyhow.
Or just default par for course factory fit?.
That one will have “That :cheese: LSD” ??


All Billies were factory fit and yellow.


this one has just hit the market in my pref colour, with low miles & never failed an MOT on rust. I have asked the dealer for pics of the important areas, but would welcome thoughts on it from the MX5OC massive :

Just looked at the advisories on the MOT history & the current MOT ( due to expire in Aug22 ) notes both outer sills coroded. Maybe one to avoid, or is it worth buying if all else is good, and rectifying this issue during my ownership? What are the anticipated costs for 2x outer sills, or is it a potential can of tin-worms ?

just to answer my won Q - I had a chat with who say the sills are usually aroung £1k per side. Which if you add the inevitable front rail repairs that comes to nearly the value of the car!

I bought mine last summer. Its worth spending that little more in my opinion to get one with no corrosion issues. Mine had only done 21000 miles and had spent its life in warm garages.

I bought one a few years ago, another really low mileage car however the cills had just started to go. I got that one at a really good price, £1800 however once I sorted the corrosion and the associated paintwork that cost me an extra £2200 so that one was 4k all in but not a svt sport.

So overall, wait for the right car would be my opinion, unless the price reflects the work needed!!!

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Thanks Jimmy, I think you are right about waiting for the right car. But it requires lots of patience if, like me, you are picky about colour! The search continues…

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