Isr Muffler

Often see people tend to go for th ecobra and cobalt back boxes. However I have just installed the isr muffler and I can not recommend it enough. Had a cobra race before and if you want a higher pitch noise, (how an Mx5 should sound in my opinion) then this muffler is perfect.

For Road or Track use ?

Road but would be fine for track aslong as its not decatted I suppose

Where did you get it I am in the market for a nice exhaust system

Any chance of a sound clip ?

It’s only a muffler mate just search up isr muffler delete

Haven’t got any at the moment

I have a Cobra Road and I was lead to believe the Race version was louder so yours, without any baffling, should sound more again ? (Or is my logic way off there) ? :laughing:

It’s a si gle exit so it sounds a lot better than the dual in my opinion and yes it’s a lot louder than the cobra race

You got understanding neighbours then hahaha
I wanna hear that sound clip !!

They have no say its not exactly super bike loud

One of my neighbours complemented the cobra race with a Decat mid pipe :joy: if you join the Facebook forum you can see my post on there if the new muffler