Issues insuring Cat S?

I’ve seen what appears to be a lovely 2011 2.0 PRHT, average mileage (65k), but at a really low price of sub £7k due to it being Cat S. Apparently it was hit in a car park and sustained a damaged door, but was made Cat S by the insurance company. The damage has all been well repaired (photos of before and after) and you really couldn’t tell it’d had work done on it.

Are there any issues I should be wary of if considering a Cat S?

Not speaking from experience merely hearsay, I heard it’s always a touch more than normal to insure a car classed as having been structurally damaged.
If you’re planning on keeping the motor then go for it and enjoy the car.

I have a Cat N, and there was no issue whatsoever on insurance; but a Cat S has (had) structural damage. I would be very wary, but if you know what you are doing with before repair photos and all, then why not…?

I am not sure why insurance should be any higher, seems a bit of profiteering as surely the risk is the same. Or maybe a Cat S is more likely to be a more expensive repair if it is involved in another accident?

I bought my sons current motor which is a Cat S. The damage was the rear drivers side panel which was sliced open by a bus and the rear side window broken (damaged car was parked). So because the repair was a section of bodywork cut out and replaced, it was deemed a Cat S. No chassis damage or anything really structural. It hasn’t cost anything extra that we’ve noticed to insure and as I saw the damage and repair carried out, have no concerns as to its road worthiness.