It’s time to build your very own MX-5

As promised in our first virtual meeting I attach the PDF that contains a MX-5 for you all to build and colour in. Try and come up with some eye catching designs and when completed please post your efforts on this forum post.

Look forward to viewing all your completed works and remember to take care with the scissors when cutting out.

Jim Keeley. North West Midlands


It’s a MK4 no MK3.5 Limited additions ?

I’m so sorry it isn’t a MK 3. No more messing about now and just get it done! Look forward to the quiz later on this week and see you both again next Wednesday.


Someone can surely come up with the NA, NB and NC versions?

I’m sure there’s been an NC version of this in the past…

Your message gives us hope. A hope that there are other cardboard cutout and colour in versions of our beloved MX-5. Someone out there in the world of MX-5 if your reading this forum post and you have details of the Mk 1,2 and 3 then reach out and share.

Waiting with much anticipation

Jim Keeley. North West Midlands

After some Googling and translating I have found a few more:

  • NC (It is green so can someone have a go at removing the colour?)
  • ND RF

These are converted from the pdo files found on the Japanese Pepakura site, an English Pepakura site exists but searching Mazda only returns 1 result compared to the 20 returned by searching マツダ on the Japanese site.


Not brilliant but a try for me


William it is brilliant because you have promoted our rather brilliant NHS that at this very moment are fighting the good fight for all of us

Get ready to open those doors and windows and clap those dedicated health workers with all your heart. You can also bang a saucepan with a wooden spoon if you want to!

Jim Keeley


I did some more digging after seeing a paper NA and this is the closest I could get:
It is an image rather than a pdf but I am sure we can scale it right to print on an A4 page!

Those other models you found looked really difficult to assemble so we didn’t consider them.
However the NA looks more straightforward so will try to do something with it. Thanks for taking the time to research this on our behalf.
Why not have go at building one and post it on our area discussion forum post

Jim Keeley

Sadly I don’t own a printer :cry:

My daughter traces images from her laptop screen… :art: :computer:

Good idea, now I just need to find some paper that isn’t an important letter…

I thought I would attempt to make this cutout MX5, using a razor blade and superglue.
Its has some serious collision damage all over, one wheel doesn’t touch the ground, the rear end looks like a Saab 900 and there were a lot of bugs about on the last trip, so after I cleaned the blood and glued skin from it, I decided not to take it too seriously so gave it a Full English theme.



The “Breakfast” MX-5 would certainly turn heads on any of our runs out with the club. I wonder if we could get Mazda UK to take a look at this design and perhaps get it produced at the paint shop in Japan?

It’s certainly more exciting than some of the latest colours to reach the showrooms.

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Zoom, Zoom, well that was an enjoyable half hour !


I think the bonnet needs a complete white paint respray!


Bong, bong !

Sorry Jim

Can’t print off.