It's alive!

I took my new “baby” out for a run this morning - it was fantastic!

Whilst enjoying the sound of the engine, it became apparent that I was not alone - the car seemed to be “breathing”!

About every 20 seconds, it seemed to inhale for a few seconds.

I have always felt that these cars have a “soul” (unlike the battery-powered silent types) but I didn’t know that they were living and breathing!

Is this sound usually heard or do I just have super-sensitive hearing?

I would welcome your thoughts on what this sound is.

Thank you!


There will be three men in white coats turn up in a van with blacked out windows shortly. They will “listen” to your car with you for a few minutes and then take you for a ride in their van.


Very good Phil!

I was hoping that someone would tell me it is something mechanical, although I can’t think what it might be. I am not sure if this is supposed to happen though …

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OK if you would like to take a seat and start by telling us all which car you have, someone will be able to help.
My 2.5 squeals on the entry in to tight corners at high speeds. Turned out that it was my wife on the passenger seat, she has got used to it now. :wink:



Sorry - I have a 6 day old ND2 (RF).

It’s probably the PPP (pointless plastic pipe) or cabin resonator that goes from the induction unit on the engine through a hole in the bulkhead into the the passenger’s side of the cockpit. I removed mine immediately after collection an replaced it with a kit from MX5Parts.

It sounds like you have got Darth Vader trapped in the boot .

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Thanks all!

I am not familiar with fuel-injected engines, although I have been well-acquainted with a 2 litre straight six engine (with Zenith Stromberg carburettors) and a 5.7 litre V8 engine (with a 4 barrel Holley carburettor) in the past.

I am pretty sure that they both “breathed” continuously. Yet this one seems to breathe about every 20 seconds, so perhaps the Darth Vader theory might be right?

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