It's been a while but I'm back!

Hi all,

Well it’s been quite a while, but have just bought a 1999 Mk2 SE and am looking forward to being back in the fold.

Had been looking on and off for a while - the first brand new car I bought myself back in 1999 was an SE and a couple of years ago that very car came up for sale - went to see it and wish I hadn’t - it was it terrible condition. (V720FHR - where are you now??)

Anyway, one popped up on ebay last week, not too far away, only 86000 miles, cat N but decent repair - a cheeky last minute bid and bob’s your aunt. Picking it up tomorrow so wish me luck

Quite enjoying reliving these cars - also have a Mk1 TT 225 Coupe that I’ve been getting back to OEM - it’s all like giant lego :slight_smile: And they are getting used more than the modern stuff we have…

This may not stay OEM though; use it this summer then spend some time subtly improving it for track work next year


Welcome back to MX-5 ownership. Enjoy your new toy !

it is always a happy thing to see someone returning to the cars of their youth.
i hope you enjoy it as much as i am enjoying mine

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Welcome back :+1:

Welcome Trickster.
Enjoy your new car. Just in time for the sunny weather and miles of fun, top down motoring :ok_hand:

Coincidentally I’m considering a MK1 TT so would be interested in your views on yours if you feel like it?
Perhaps you might drop me a direct message should you get a minute, thanks :+1:


will drop you a message - very different proposition to the MX5 though

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