It's time, nearly

Having spent far too much(?)restoring this old slapper, it’s time for pay-back.

Planning this little jaunt with son…soon…when we can book a decent B&B.

Scotland will be open soon.
Allegedly…just a dirty rumour. :sleepy:


Looks like MX5 heaven ,as long as its not raining every day , I’ll check that our Passports are still valid :wink:


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I’ll give you 7.5 Scotch Groats to your Eaengrish Pound at the Border.
And a haggis butty.
Hoots mon… :joy:

Sounds like a bargain, I’ll put some Jellied Eels in the Cool bag to trade . :grin:

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Sadly we won’t be doing the same this year.
Cancelled our trip now, will be sure to rebook for next September so we can enjoy a third tour of the Highlands all being well.
Enjoy your trip if allowed.:+1::thinking:

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Damn it Mick.
Oh well, as I said before, hit me up so I can buy you a coffee en route somewhere mutually convenient. Any old excuse. :wink:

Will do👍

It was a hard decision but it’ll be there next year won’t it😁

We weren’t sure how tourists would be received, I mean do locals want us? I’m sure the ones who rely on the tourist industry for income do.
Anyways a decision we feel was the right one, let the dust settle so to speak and regroup, everyone, everything needs to find their way again, gradually.

Envy you living where you do but just lately we are enjoying the long lost delights nearer to home here in Derbyshire.

When I get past Tyndrum, I’m a bliddy “tourist” as well in my own country.
Funny folk oop Norf. Canny savvy a word they say.

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Yer reet there

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Its because we have such an abundance of Regional accents, which is a good thing , nice and Traditional and all that, but when you stray from your home territory, people from other parts of the country will notice it straight away .
I’m well aware of this myself, as a born Londoner with a definite accent, ( although I moved out when I got married ) when my wife and I are touring around England or Scotland and we find a little local pub in a village miles from anywhere, I know that as soon as I open my mouth we are going to get some sideways " your not from round ere " looks, :smile: never bothers me, as the same thing applies to anyone holidaying within the UK, which incidentally is a great place to explore if you can dodge the rain and screaming kids.


I agree with Bosley, I was born in the East end like him. When I moved up to Bradford temporarily in the 70s people up there couldn’t understand me. But these days people are more travelled and accents are more widely understood. I live in a Garrison town now and there’s lads and lassis form all over plus migration is a factor to.

You in the Mob?

I should have a broad North Northumbrian accent, as a consequence of Dad being in the Air Force and a variety of different schools it never happened.

My Children though have North East Scotland accents as a result of attending primary school there, there’s a specific age range where accents tend to be cemented in place.



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I’m not in the mob, just used to work closely :shushing_face:

My old Dad used to have a Yellow Reliant Regal van :smiley::wink:

Gotcha bud.
I visit H4H Tedworth House once a year is all.
Being Jockhanistani, was hoping for a free haggis burger
No worries.

He could tell you, but would need to…you know the rest!

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Magnificent bl…dy country with the big sky
God bless everybody at H4H.

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Great to get out for a run today; this by the Megget Reservoir in the Scottish Borders