Jaguar f type front end?


Non mx5 question.

My pal just took delivery of a four year old Jaguar f type convertible today. Stunning car in every sense, looks and sound. Whilst he was showing the engine bay, my eye was drawn to what looked like poor black paint on chassis components, condensation in the headlamp and the silver hilighting on the plastic engine cover rubbed off, all on the near side. The underside of the bonnet painting didn’t extend to all of the bonnet, not reaching the edges where the under side skin sat if that makes sense. No bonnet insulation there either but maybe it isn’t usually fitted. It’s a 20,000 mile car.

Is this how Jaguar produces them and nothing to worry about or signs of something more concerning. I havent mentioned my concerns as he is over the moon with his new car. He bought it sight unseen from a specialist trader who delivered it. Don’t want to raise an issue if nothing to worry about, but he spent big money on this beast.

Big moral dilemma now. What do you think?..

If you’re really worried for him, but don’t want to upset him or cause ill feeling, go and look at a similar car at a dealers.

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Good call. Jag dealer in our town closed last year! Doh!

I’m afraid I’m very cynical when it comes to cars and dealers, and in my experience if something doesn’t look right - even to an inexperienced eye - it usually isn’t.


Getting a wee whiff of rodent…

As all the problems are on the “nearside” I wonder if it has suffered from “bump” damage at some point?

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They generally don’t come with bonnet insulation but the undersides are usually pretty well painted. As said above, you’d really need to see a prime example to compare. Or leave well alone and don’t burst your mates bubble.

I only looked near side. Didn’t want to make a fuss. Tried to look at panel fit lines as he drove off but saw nothing conclusive. Don’t want to start imagining things.

The plastic cover by the wing, with the perforations, wasn’t there. The painted steel parts were there fully on show

Just an aside. Looking at that photo “under the bonnet” is no place for amateurs or DIY “tweakers”!

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Might be worth a look on an F-Type Forum… Lets face it, the MX-5OC answers most of our issues…!


It certainly looks good in ORANGE! And if I were RICH!!!

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Not sure I’m going to say anything. Sleeping dogs etc.

Anyway, what a car. V6 supercharger, 400hp, 4x4. I could see myself in one, a real modern day GT, but for ten times the price on my NC, don’t think so. Definitely not ten times the enjoyment😎


Funnily enough, I was out on my bike today and came up behind a black F Type. He was sending it on quite hard when traffic allowed…It sounded marvellous !!! :drooling_face:

10 times the price of your NC?
How young is his Jag?

2017, it’s a high spec machine, £80k new?

May be a great car and technically better, but I bet he will not have as much fun when out for a drive. I had a new shape Boxster for 5 years, with a flat 6 and I must say the same - technically a better car, but I am having more fun in my new ND.

I had a shot of my mate’s Porsche Cayman a few years back before he traded it in for something more family oriented. Awesome car, and mega capable, but you had to be really pushing it on to fully appreciate it. I have just as much if not more fun in my NC! You’re still chasing it through the gears and getting it loaded up through corners, it’s just that you’re not going as fast!

Funnily enough, a certain owner of an Austin A35 estate, sans both anything approaching power and…well…brakes “but not as we known them Jim” said it was his favoured giggle car around his locals.
James Hunt.


I read about that the other day! Also that he “borrowed” Lord Hesketh’s 911?