Japfest 2022

Is mx5 oc getting involved with japfest in April?
Hello anyone?


I’d be interested to go. I would appreciate if there was a group concession? Will we have a club stand ?

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I know we (MX5OC) didn’t last year but MX5 Europe did and are again, see this Facebook event for more info


thanks, got tickets and a session just for the fun of it. :sunglasses:

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would be nice if the oc would offer to put a stand on and see if there any interested

We did plan to for 2020 but that got postponed, not sure what happened last year though :man_shrugging:

That’s the MX5-Europe.Club event btw. To be honest it doesn’t matter as all we needed the code for was to book for the event… (but it would be nice to have the OC there as well)

I’d be happy to help out the OC for the japfest if needed. As this so far is one of my fav events

My bad, corrected the link :slight_smile:

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id be happy to help too for the same reason, maybe next year we should ask the oc to put on a stand anyways i be there this year :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Just in the middle of some negotiations with the Japfest team.
30 Car stand, Pit-lane display with an exclusive MX-5 Siverstone track session.
Discounted Club tickets will be Car pass +2 people

I’ll post the details as soon as I can


well I bought a ticket and a session already using the other group code but If I can I would like to also join the OC mx5 only session (if possible)

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Any info on OC for japfest yet?

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Im on The MX5-Europe stand but would also be interested in an OC MX5 exclusive track session if that’s possible… Totally understand if not though…

We have a package sorted for 30 vehicles display in the Pits area with a track time package.
Just a bit of final paperwork and sorting out a booking mechanism, details shortly.

On track time - we won’t be splitting the package at the moment.


Awesome thank you

Where do I go to book my car on display with the OC?

Any luck yet. People
I know have already bought tickets etc with there OC clubs already.

Do you the japfest booking code for the club tickets?

Details of the Club Package, which will be booked directly with the Club will be in an email to members next week

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