Japfest 2024 - 7th April Silverstone

Just got my confirmation for non-club display. Bringing my 1992 Eunos Roadster for my first display show hoping to get some ideas for her. Looking forward to seeing some of you guys about too! :slight_smile:

Hello, are there any updates on the tickets? Really don’t want to miss out on them :joy:, thank you

Bring your wet weather gear it’s going to be a little blustery all booked in with my ND RF :wink: with mods :joy:

It’s Silverstone! always a breeze! but otherwise looks ok

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Tickets are live now


See you there!

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Are these for Club Members, or is it just a free-for-all? I can’t make it this year, but just for everyone’s info.

This is how it’s being presented elsewhere:


Managed to get one. Cheers. :+1:
One very happy 13 year old!

I think you got the last one!

The Vehicle passes are now sold out.

There are still some Passenger tickets available

These allow you to travel into the show in a friend’s or other vehicle that already has a vehicle ticket for the event.

These are pretty much the only tickets left for the event anywhere. There are no on the day tickets available.

No, there were 27 it showed when I logged on.
By the time I’d logged into PayPal and filled in my details it was down to 14.
Thankfully I’m off work today so was able to keep checking for updates.
I drive a truck so had I been at work we’d have probably missed out.
Anyway, looking forward to Sunday, another very early start heading down from Liverpool in the little yellow beast.

Awaiting ticket ordered today. Does the ticket include a passenger in the car please?
What time do we have to arrive?

Hi Alan,

Please see your inbox, we have now requested the tickets and they will be emailed as soon as they are prepared for us. Last year this was 4 days before the event.

Your Ticket includes:

  • 1x Club Car Display Pass
  • 1x Driver Ticket
  • 1x Passenger Ticket
  • Pitlane Car Club Display location
  • Lunchtime Track Parade lap*

All tickets are digital and will be emailed next week ahead of the show.

Please plan to arrive as early as you possibly can. Arrival times are before 09.00 , but the earlier you can make it the better. Full instructions will accompany tickets and passes.

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Thanks Iain. See you Sunday.

Tickets received this evening from the organisers and being emailed now that all assigned

Do we know what area we will be put in? There are a few different mx5 clubs in the list of clubs on display but the mx5 oc isnt on there.

It’s on your vehicle pass B - we are in the pit lane

Hi Ian,

My teenage son wanted to be with his mates over on the MX5 -Europe stand - but i am course still a member. What’s the arrangements for the parade lap for existing members?

Hi the car has to be on the Club stand for the parade, you’ll get the instructions on arrival on the day.