Japfest 2024 - 7th April Silverstone

Big year for the MX-5 at Japfest with the MX-5 Owners Club hosting the MX-5 zone at the Show for all MX-5s on display

You can either use this code to book your MX-5 Club zone tickets
Code: JF24-198

How to book your tickets:

  1. Click here to reach the ticket page.
  2. After entering your details, please select ‘YES’ to attend as a part of a club.
  3. This will then prompt you to enter the code given above.
  4. You can then proceed to book your club tickets and add ons as required.

Please ensure you select a display entry ticket to display your car.

CLUB DEADLINE: Midnight on Monday 11th March 2024

The club ticket prices for 2024 are as follows:

Early Bird Club Driver Entry Ticket includes FREE Meguiars cleaning kit £20.00
Early Bird Club Passenger Entry Ticket: £20.00
Standard Club Driver Entry Ticket £25.00
Standard Club Passenger Entry Ticket £25.00
Adult Camping Ticket £12.00

Tickets include FREE Japfest Showguide.
Please select your Showguide while making your order.

Early Bird offer ends December 31st - so make the most of the deals today!


Hi, I tried booking using the code but I don’t get the option to buy a early bird driver entry ticket only a passenger entry ticket and track time. Is the site working correctly or have all the club tickets gone? Many thanks.

All still available, log out and log in and make sure to follow the steps above.

Just booked my tickerts. No problems booking. The website is working well and the tickets were emailed instantly.

Hi whos going this year,booked.my tickets for the stand,dont seem much chat about it

I am booked on :smiley:
ND RF Launch Edition, what are you in?

Mk1 na looking forward to it as 1st time

You picked the right year give it is an anniversary for the car!
Will be my third (I think) and hopefully I manage to turn up with a clean car for once :see_no_evil:



At least it made it to Japfest unlike the national this year :upside_down_face:

Japfest is sold out for the time being.

Still discussions ongoing with the organisers on what the Club will be doing at the event and an update will follow as soon as possible in the New Year.

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If anyone wants to sell their place im looking

Booked my tickets for car and passenger for my 30 year old Mk1 :+1:

i think they are all sold out now , on the instagram post japfest said they are asking the venue for more space so does this mean the club will be able to get more car passes ?
also if anyone is looking to sell theres please let me know

how recently? as i thought they had sold out ?

Hi Amelia,

I bought my tickets 2 days ago, as you probably saw. Not sure where you saw they were sold out.

My suggestion, is if you have not already done it, go online and try and book. It will either let you book or not🤔



Club tickets for Japfest are currently sold out but you can still buy passenger tickets to accompany someone who may have a car, but as above the Club will have more to announce on this later on.

Make sure you are also not crossing wires on Japfest Silverstone and Japfest Classic at Goodwood, which is another by very different event.

Japfest Silverstone 2024 Breaking news

Watch this space!!

We have just secured 30 infield Car Club display Japfest tickets with driver and passenger ticket access, these will available soon, on a first come basis.

This event is fully sold out, meaning that this will be your only way to secure your MX-5 on the Club’s Pitlane display at the show.

Also we can announce an Anniversary MX-5 Parade during the show for all MX-5s on the Club stand (including existing Club code ticket holders) will also be part of your day.

More to come


No news on the extra tickets yet?

No there will be announcements on all platforms when they are ready.