Japfest Silverstone 2022 - MX-5 Owners Club Paddock Display package

You can get in but you may not be able to get onto the oc stall. Id message Ian if i were you and hopefully he may be able to help


Thanks - good to know. I will be in my MX5, but I’m not an OC member so hadn’t planned to park on the stall. I would be happy to if it’s an option. Otherwise I’ll just pop by & say hello.

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Just got confirmation from japfest via email that tickets are £35 on the gate


I had a great day out at JapFest yesterday - my first club event after only owning my Mk4 for just over 3 weeks. Iain was very friendly and helpful (thanks!) and worked like a trojan single handedly manning the club tent all day, let alone acting as provider of helmets and storage space for when the rest of us headed out on track. He seemed to be having the desired effect as I witnessed at least one new member signing up :slight_smile:

Being fairly new to the “scene”, to be honest I felt like a bit of an interloper around the rest of the show - I’ve never really been one for loud fizz-pop exhausts - but the MX-5 OC stand was really friendly and relaxed, so hi to everyone I spoke to and thanks for making me feel so welcome.

Who’s was the red NA parked up against the fence (Reg ending PJA)? It was drawing lots of admiring glances and I particularly liked how neat and tidy yet purposeful it looked. :+1:

If you did the track session, you may be lucky and get photos from here: Photography-UK when they get uploaded. I’m not affiliated - I got the details from one of the stands.

Edit - direct link to photos from the Mx-5 OC track session: Session Five 11.00

In summary - a great day out, and now I’m itching to get out on track again… thanks to all concerned :slight_smile:


I’d like to second Iain’s great work on the OC stand at Japfest.

It was a really enjoyable day,

with the track time a highlight - thank you for the heads-up about the availability of photos.


I would like to add my thanks to Iain too. Great day. Here is a nice shot of me trying to keep my MKII on the track :grin:


From those shots it’s interesting to see the NDs seem to have noticeably more body roll than the others through that corner. It just makes it look like we’re going that much faster :slight_smile:

was actually an element of the design of the ND, to give it some real world capable suspension design for everyday use with a feeling of progressive handling, the floppy aerial was to give you some aesthetic of speed too!

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I did wonder about the floppy aerial. My last two cars managed fine without any visible aerial (both VAG saloons - I think they use elements in the rear windows). I guess this is why so many NDs have stubby aerials fitted - I just did mine today :slight_smile: