Japspeed Back Box

Anyone had any experience with Japspeed exhausts? I’ve seen one on their site, oddly enough the only one in stock currently is one that would fit my car, but they are priced on the cheaper side to what I would expect for a quality back box.

Anyone had one fitted to their car?


Is it stainless??
If not, that might explain the price difference?

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It is stainless, yeah. Didn’t think of that, you may well be right :thinking:

Ugh, the brackets are welded to the side of the silencer. If the weld cracks (and stainless steel welds can be brittle), it will rip a hole in the exhaust, rendering it scrap.

But they do a bitsa NA exhaust as well; not sure what you have

I believe I researched them in the past and read that they are pretty noisy.

My opinion is it’s a generic exhaust that you see many places selling.

Ebay has the same exhaust for £220 delivered. I’d rather spend the money on 4-1 I.L headers as they make a nice noise whilst removing the restrictive standard manifold which actually improves performance.

The backboxes are just noise but it seems like only the cobalt (discontinued) exhaust was the favored one as it’s not obnoxious.

All these places sell exhausts but don’t do sound clips of them, they probably never ever installed one!


Thanks guys, you’ve kinda confirmed my suspicions but always worth asking just in case!

Looks I’ll just be continuing saving up for a GR Super-Q after all!!!