Joining the club at the national


I have beem a member for about 10 years , unfortuantely i sold my car and was without a mx5 for 2 months so didnt renew my membership as i was unsure as to what i was going to buy

Can we renew our membership at the national and will there be any discount offered ?


 I have just opened my renewal notice for my membership and the following is an extract from the text.  “please note that this system is fully automated and applies a payment surcharge of £5.50 for renewal more than a month after the current expiry date.”   This is on top of the annual payment, so if they were to give a discount at the show, other members would request the same. I personally don’t agree with this surcharge or the joining fee that is charged either, but that is my opinion. I have the option of not being a member if I wish.

 You certainly can join The Club at the National Rally.  Access to the Rally is free to all MX5s, members or not, but the competitions and autotest are for members only, which is fair enough.

I’m not sure whether there will be a discount for joining on the day and I very much doubt there will be a surcharge for late renewal. 

Ken Stanbury.  Northampton Area Coordinator