Jousting Battle

What to look forward to 


With the Mk4 making it’s way on to roads in the coming weeks - in the spirt of the founding ethos of the MX-5 as horse and rider as one, for this Rally we have enlisted the help of the Knights of Middle England who will be fighting to get to the bottom of the age old question of which of the MX-5 generations is the best… 

In a daring display of horsemanship and skill the Knights will do all they can to better their opponents from knight on knight jousting to hand to hand combat, this will be a battle of epic proportions.

The Red Knight will be fighting for Mk1, the Green Knight for Mk2s,the Blue Knight for Mk3s and the dastardly Black Knight for the new comer Mk4.

On the day you will be able to meet the Knights and their horses in the show and we hope that you will help to show your allegiance by wearing the colour, e.g. hat, scarf of the Knight who will challenge for the mark of MX-5 you own and love! 

Head to the Arena and cheer on your Knight, who wins and gets to drive off into the sunset - will be down to you on the day!


In the run up to the Rally you can also show your support online with these avatars for your forum id! (right click and save as)


avatar avatar avatar avatar


Mk1 Avatar

Mk2 Avatar

Mk3 Avatar

Mk4 Avatar



Done! had to be the Mk3 as there is no Mk3.5 Knight…

Well that had to be one red on here.  If I can get it to work  keep taking this off to put on new one and then this comes back now there is not one, will come back and try again


Done,  Now looking forward to Kelmarsh

joust sorted out mine… 




take you all knight to come up with that one?



Done !

My Knight in shinning armour!