June Zoom Meeting

Hi everyone, the next Zoom meeting with be next Wednesday, 10th June at 7.30pm

check your email for the link :slight_smile:


I have only just joined the group and am not sure if you have my e-mail? I would like to join the Zoom meeting, so if you do not have my e-mail, please let me know.

Ian Snelson

Hi Ian and Welcome,

the email has been sent about 5 mins ago… if you didn’t receive it, email me directly (cnw@mx5oc.co.uk) and I’ll send it to you :+1:

Hi there, just joined the club last week, could I forward my e mail address to you ?

Many thanks


Hi Alan, email received, I’m just replying now :blush:

Sorry I missed the last meeting - and after chasing the dial in details too - sorry, but something came up. However I would still like to be included in future, which I presume will be ok now you have my e-mail…

No worries, maybe next time :+1:t3: