Just been for a viewing 2.0 Sport NC

Hi just been for a viewing and would like a couple of questions answered

the oil pressure fluctuations with engine speed a quick Google search seems to be the norm could someone please clarify 

Secondly through the foot well you could feel some transmission vibrations no noisrs though is this the norm 

Never driven one before and must admit I do panic over any noises so probably an older convertible for me is not the best choice

That’s normal for the oil pressure gauge

I can’t say I’ve really noticed any excessive vibration through the floor. I guess you need to consider it’s an open top two seater sports car so there will be some creaks and groans. It goesnwith the territory. I’d test drive a few if you are overly concerned. Anyway after a short while you will be having so much fun you won’t care if there are any creaks…


I think I might be over doing things by saying vibrations my Wife didn’t notice it just felt miles more mechanical compared to modern cars were your going at speed but can’t sense the engine or transmission doing it’s job. It reminded me of a track day years ago in a TVR but with a bit less speed.    

Think me and the Wife didn’t realise that the MX5 was sporty at all and was expecting the MX5 would be a softer gentler quieter experience with just a Sports badge like every car now has a Turbo badge     

I’ve took the punt and agreed to buy it.