Just been for a viewing 2.0 Sport NC

i just been for a viewing and would like a couple of questions answered

the oil pressure fluctuations with engine speed a quick Google search seems to be the norm could someone please clarify 

Secondly through the foot well you could feel some transmission vibrations noises though is this the norm 

Never driven one before and must admit I do panic over any noises so probably an older convertible for me is not the best choice

The oil pressure is normal. The gauge is driven by the ECU dependant on rpm, it’s not showing a true pressure reading. As for " feel some transmission noises " not sure how you feel noises ?? but I’m not aware of any noises or vibration when driving mine.

Sorry I forgot the word “No” noises it was more like a mechanical grumble as if your feet are next to every moving part. felt it more when I was the passenger. Done a bit of research since i’ve got in and think others have commented about it in other posts and seems the norm.

Think I didn’t realise how much of a sports feel and sound it would have. thought is was going to be more refined like a family hatch reminds me of driving my MG TF in the day…


. Hi B,

I would be inclined to test drive another one for a direct personal comparison before you make a final judgement.

Good luck.  


Oil pressure needle bouncing is as it should.But the grumbling feeling/resinating isnt normal(well not in my 2ltr NC)

 Could be somthing simple or not, better not take the gamble.Plenty of NC’s out there and they are as cheap as chips.Make sure you get under what every you buy & be aware if its just been coated in underseal.Might look clean,but might be concealing cheap patch up job.Check drop links and corrosion on all 4 springs.Standard suspension on these thing are pants.