Just bought me my first ever MX5 after selling my Porsche Boxster S

I just bought my first ever MX5 after selling my Porsche Boxster S the previous week.
Its an extremely low milage 2007 1.8l in Red.

I was actually looking for a 2Ltr Sport Tech but this one popped up just as I was closing down the Mac for the night, it looked immaculate so decided to arrange to have a look the following day and so glad I did.
It looked even better than the photos and in mint condition all round so decided to purchase it there and then.

I was actually surprised how well the car drove, quite pokey given only 1800cc and the handling was sublime and the ride felt really good. Keen brakes to boot as well. Love the short shift box.

Obviously I was comparing the MX5 to the Porker and to be honest I actually felt more at home in the MX than I ever did in the Porsche. It just felt so easy to drive and even my other half will be able to use it as well.

Cant wait to hit the Yorkshire Dales when the sun comes out again.


Congratulations on finding a car you’re happy with. People can’t believe it when I tell them I enjoy the mx5 more than my old mustang gt, but they’ve never driven one.:+1:


Enjoy your new car, great choice such fun to drive and own.
A great club forum too!


Welcome P :handshake:

“Can’t wait to hit the Yorkshire Dales”…

My late Dad born Wakefield and retired to Whitby used to say ‘Be careful of who you tell about Yorkshire because if folk knew the truth they’d all want to move here’

So… :shushing_face:

Be careful who you tell about the MX-5 because when folk know the truth they will all want to buy one

Congrats …you’ve cracked the truth :grinning:


I’m back in a NB2.5 after a spell with a Boxster S, personally I couldn’t justify the potential and actual costs of Porsche ownership over the MX5.

More smiles per £ with the Mazda :sunglasses::sunny::sunglasses:

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Took the MX out for a bezz from Leeds to Helmsley via lots of pretty villages yesterday, so much more relaxing and stress free than the porker knowing I was unlikely to have any expensive and stressfull issues to sort out which I dont envisage with the MX5.

Still cant believe how similar it handles compared to the Porsche, no it doesnt have the speed or glam factor but no regrets.

Even my wife loved driving it back home which she wouldn’t do in the Porsche and i’ve still got over half a tank of fuel left in the tank :slight_smile:

Congrats on the purchase.
Until around this time last year, I was dead set on buying a Porsche Boxster - been looking into it for almost a year.
But when my neighbour became unwell he asked me to take his Cayman for a spin every other weekend for a few weeks and to be honest, I found it underwhelming - just did not feel that much fun.
In the end I got a 2017 RF and could not be happier!

Nice one.
The Porker was an animal but just not practical.

I’ve had several 911’s of different flavours.

In my opinion, the NC MX5 is a far more engaging and fun car :innocent:

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