Just found out about the rally! Can anyone help?

I just found out about the National Rally And didn’t realise there’s different levels of membership - I have the forum only membership but I would really love to be a part of the National Rally. Does anyone know if it’s too late to get my car on the grass? If I upgrade my membership now will it be too late? 

You can turn up and join on the day

Or join online - you’ve got a week to clear membership. Go to the homepage, details are on there. That way you will get in without any hassle.

Oh, non-members have to pay £10 entry on the day, that includes infield parking. As Gerry says, buy it online. If the membership card doesn’t arrive in time, have some printouts to hand. Members will have received a mirror hanger with the last edition of the club magazine, to expedite entry (and also to claim the free rally gift).

The website indicates that the latest date for safe online applications was 15th September.

National Rally joining

It does mention special sign up deals being available on the day for non members but no explanatory detail I could find.

Surely it makes sense to use this occasion as an effective membership recruitment campaign where people can just turn up, pay their joining fee and join the fun?

Perhaps there is a clearer explanation elsewhere that I have missed?           

As I understand it there will be a £10 entry fee for non-members, however if you join on the day at the membership tent the £10 will be taken off the annual membership fee.


I have now been informed this is incorrect.

I suspect the charge for non-members was determined by the owners of the property, rather than the club underwriting the general public to come and visit all day, as the entry includes the house and gardens.

Makes perfect sense - £20 paid for hubby and wife to enter and then accepted as part payment against full membership when they leisurely sign up in the well signposted membership joinup tent.

Why isn’t this telegraphed on the website for purposes of marketing and clarity?



Thank you all for the advice! I’ll sign up for the full membership beforehand and take printouts of the membership info! It makes a lot of sense for the event to be used as a recruitment campaign as you say - it should be an awesome day!! 


Dave this is incorrect.

There is a show offer for membership with some discount on the day but it is not the admission at this event, it rarely is - only at events where we can negotiate an inclusive deal with the venue, here there are usual entry fees to this venue, when it is open to the public.

The best option for event access is always to sign up with the Club before the event. Membership admin are geared up to help ahead of a rally, but it usually takes about a week to process a new membership which is why we put a recommended cut-off around 2 weeks ahead of the event.

Joining at this rally will be a good option for the year ahead as the Club celebrates it’s 25th Anniversary.







Oops. Sorry everyone. My mistake.


My apologies to the original poster if we may have mislead you - I hope you get your membership sorted before the Rally

Regrettably I live too far away to attend.