Just joined the club... 17 years after buying my first 5!

Hello everyone, as per the title I’ve finally got round to joining the club after a quite few years of MX-5 ownership (and quite a few MX5s!)…


I went to the classic car show at the NEC last weekend with my son, and got chatting to a few of the folk on the club stand - one thing led to another, and I joined up.


I live in Stamfordham, and hope to make it to the next TT North meeting on 13th December - hope to meet some of you there?


Part of the reason for joining is that I’ve imported a couple of Eunos Roadsters from Japan, and will advertise them through the club - watch this space!


I’d read the advertising rules & regs if you have not already done so before a club member (which I’m not) or Mod jumps on it.



Always a wise plan to think things through rather than making a hasty decision.


Thanks for the advice 

Hi James

Sounds very interesting - did you go through the complete import procedure yourself?

Would be very interested to hear details.  


Yes, I did - it’s a bit long winded, but I’ve registered one successfully and will get the other one done soon…

Welcome to the forum