Just joined the OC

Hi all, 

Been  a lurker on the forum for a while Now, thought I’d introduced myself already but my post count of zero suggests not!


I’e got a 1990 Eunos in white which I’ve had for two years now And at the NEC show finally got around to joining the club properly! I’m in North Wales. 


Max (the MX) is in pretty solid condition overall. Ice spent some time beginning to undo previous modifications but mainly I’ve just enjoyed driving it! It always runs well and has given me very little trouble. Usually I get itchy to change the fun car after a year, but not this one!  To be honest the car has begun to look tatty so over the next few weeks I plan on giving him a bit of TLC and try and get him back to his best! It’ a pretty early one so worth getting it looking good and driving nice! I’e dabbled in old cars for years but this is easily my second favourite car I’ve ever owned, and I don’t see it moving on any time soon. 

To do list:

Tidy bodywork blemishes, mechanical going over, service, new suspension to replace the cut springs, new hood, respray/vinyl wrapping.  

Looking forward to seeing some if you out and about. I always give a wave! 

Welcome, lots of good things to enjoy in the club, fill your boots.



2017 : https://youtu.be/nqY8boaMdRs

2018 : https://sites.google.com/site/mx5mondrian/home/2018

see you in Normandy next year

Hello and welcome. 

Hello and welcome