Just joined to look for a nice car

Good evening,
My wife and I are in Brentwood, Essex and looking for a nice (ND, 2015+) car, thinking that people on here have cared for the car, rather than dealers looking to turn over lots of them.

Ten years ago i had a MR2 mk2 (year 2000, red, 2 seater, convertible), very similar to the Mx5, but a lot older now. I kept it for 5 years …

then got a kit car, Mini Marcos (year 1969, red, 2 seater) to try to build up… I never found the time on my driveway so just sold it…

I have had a Triumph Spitfire (year 1970, red, 2 seater, convertible) for over 25 years, that is under restoration slowly. …

There’s a pattern here … though my wife and I are not fixed on red paint… :slightly_smiling_face:

Philip & Melanie

Welcome to you both :+1:.

Good luck finding a car, some lovely ones do come up for sale. The mx5 sounds like a great choice based on your car history, I have had everything from japanese turbo coupes, subarus, civic type r, bmws and American muscle and despite all of that and the mazda being the least powerful I’m finding the mx5 to be a very enjoyable car to own and drive, albeit an nc3 and not an nd.

Best of luck :grin:.

I’ve been browsing on Gumtree, wasting time as usual, and one I noticed was actually advertised in Brentwood - “2016 Mazda MX5 ND Sports Nav 2.0 litre genuine 10,000 miles” in Soul red - £13000 ( Ad ID: 1478456407).
I must admit I was quite taken by it, but as my NB has just passed its MOT, albeit with a couple of minor advisories, I was doing nothing more than browsing. It might certainly be worth looking at, but the phrase “Caveat Emptor” certainly rings true.


thanks Laurie

Surely that has got to be the same car that it advertised in the For Sale section on this forum?

There was/is an nd of the same description on here. Looks lovely with all the detailed underside pics.

Welcome! Yes, you should definitely go and look at this one :+1:

All the best with your search,

Good luck with the hunt, but rememeber NDs rust like all the others, so check underneath carfully

This is my car for sale. I have been with the MX5 owners club for 8 years, and this is the best car I have owned, and is IMMACULATE, including the underside. I just don’t have to space to store now I have moved, so reluctantly for sale.