Just rejoined the owners forum

We’ve owned a red mrk 1 MX5 for the last eleven years. We’re in two minds about keeping or selling since it’s being used less and less.

But went out today and thought perhaps we (Jon and Julie) should meet other owners to see if we can rekindle our enthusiasm.

Anyway as covid-19 subsides, are there any planned runs or meet-ups ,?

Jon and Julie (near Oakham)


Hi Jon & Julie and welcome from Nottinghamshire… Moved up here just under 3 years ago from Milton Keynes… Many people aren’t using their cars as much due to the Covid-19, and my 2018 ND2 2.0 is just a toy and also the best way to do my supermarket run a couple of times a week - Scenic route every time :slight_smile: Bought it between the lockdowns during last July and am hoping that some time a few of us might meet up…

This is your best place to look Jon.