Just saying a quick hello

I’ve recently got my first MX5 a 2008 model and loving it so far and hopefully can get some good advice from the forum as Im looking to make a few mods to it,


Welcome aboard Phil.
There are some very knowledgeable types around here who are sure to be able to answer your questions.
I hope you will consider sharing your progress so that we can all share your adventures.

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Welcome and enjoy

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Thanks Guy, think my main change will be my wheels and can’t decide if i stay on 16 inch or go for 17s. I had some Japan racing wheels on my mini which i liked and think if i get a set in 17 inch they may suit my mx :+1:


I changed from 16" to 17" on mine and regret it slightly. The 16" are a much nicer ride. If I hadn’t fitted new tyres to the 17" I would switch back.

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Thanks, i was thinking 17s to try and fill the arch gap a bit :+1:

16" on the back 17" on the front. There’s still a big gap.

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Thanks for that, doesn’t make any real difference then changing up a size, I may stick with 16s then :thinking:

Wheel and tyre sizes are interesting topics that keep resurfacing in the forum, and everyone has their own opinions. While they might look much the same, most of the cars have subtle differences as a result of version, wear, age and possible mods. So I don’t think there is a definitive answer.

I simply kept my 25AE on the NC3.75 standard suspension components and settings height-wise (at 360mm hub centre to arch it is only slightly lower than your NC1’s possible 380mm).
But I went for a slightly bigger tyre 215/45 17 instead of 205/45 17. It is a legal correct size for that width of wheel, albeit not what Mazda specify. This was useful today on the dirt road at the rally .

Now they look exactly right on the rims instead of stretched; the wheels sit centred in the arches with equal gap all around, filling them better; the ground clearance is improved slightly; the ride is a bit softer, and supple new tyres are always quieter.

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