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 Hello all,

Just a couple of lines to introduce myself.  Purchased my (second-hand) MX5 just four weeks ago and smile from the minute I get in to the minute I pull on the handbrake at the end of the journey.  Found a lot of useful information posted on here by other members (rain drains etc which I have used to good affect) and being somewhat of a DIY enthusiast, I hope to return the favour with tips etc on problems / solutions I have had / will (hopefully not) have with my motor!


Hello Wavingand Welcome to the forum.

 Waving Welcome to the forum. Don’t forget to wave to other 5’s.

Hello, welcome to the forum Waving.

G’day mate Welcome to the forum–

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Hi and welcome Big Smile 

 greetings and welcome buddyThumbs up


welcome aboard, LobesWaving
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