Kent NC Owner

Acquired a standard 2.0 Sport 2006 in Winning Blue last summer to be used as a fun track car.

With some friends I have fitted:

  1. Custom remap based on an original map by OpenFlashPerformance.
  2. MeisterR Clubrace Coilovers with adjuster extenders.
  3. Replaced exhaust from down pipe back.
  4. Fitted Jass Performance 2.5” seat lowering brackets on both seats.
  5. Fitted a 5race v3 roll bar (very stout).
  6. Fitted a Fyre boot lip spoiler in winning blue.
  7. Fitted new door alignment blocks (JustSendIT)
  8. Replaced both scuttle panel water leak devices :slight_smile:

All done on the driveway…


Welcome from another Kent NC owner!

Hello and welcome… Very nice and good work…! :slight_smile:


126k now / have done 1000 since I got it. Is fun on the road and great round brands hatch.

Upgrades to brake lines and pads are planned next.

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Welcome from another Kent Winning Blue NC owner :wave:

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Cute car. Any pics of the boot spoiler fitted, please?

Here :slight_smile:

If anyone likes other car stuff try looking at BlindLeadingTheBlind (BlindLeadingTheBlind - YouTube) on YouTube. Helping a friend to build a mini…


Shes a beaut!

I ought to point out I am a 45yr old with much grey hair, so the exhaust was not a loud one. Just a standard back box with a new centre pipe both sourced from eBay.

I like it how you only park near your own colour! Haha

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The blue Polo and the MX5 are mine, the blue fiesta is my oldest sons (I have 3) and my daily is kept on the driveway… only reason we have so many cars is I cannot get any of my boys insured on the daily, hence the 1.2 Polo.


Very nice!!!

the daily is rapid, but too expensive for me to put on a track and even with track mode it will still monster the range (270ish) in a small amount of laps, so just not worth it.

The MX5 on the other hand smashed a whole day at Brands Hatch on half a tank of fuel with 2 of us sharing the driving and never missed a beat, a lot of car for the money and I wished I had found them earlier in my car life!! So much fun… and I like to tinker and that’s pretty easy as well compared to other cars I have had in the past.


Mine is the same, my X5 is an absolute beast but wow is it expensive to run. But it does have the extra seats for the kids (apparently popping them in the boot of the MX5 is not allowed).

I am starting my mechanical tinkering career with my MX5…always wanted to be a mechanic but life got in the way so now is my chance to do it on the side.


Painted the wheels.

Is the new exhaust a 200 cell cat ? maybe sold by ‘Gravity’ ? if so how is the quality ?

Looked at eBay offerings quite a bit but have been apprehensive regarding quality.

Not sure about the Op but I have the gravity midpipe with 200cel cat and its fine.

Is it a good fit ? cars going on coilovers so expect 40-50mm drop.

Wondering if the pipe sits close enough to the chassis where it meets the back box flange ?