Key with transponder - where to buy?

Apart from Mazda

anyone had one done?

I’ve had them done any locksmith can do it!!! But not cheap…

how much did you pay?


i was told it should of been around the 40 quid mark but i know a man that can…

 Timpsons - about £35. Sadly most of the independent locksmiths don’t have the correct blanks.

Often have branches in Tesco or Asda, gives a great excuse to avoid doing the shopping!


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is there an offer hidden there somewhere? :wink:

 There’s a firm on the NW MX5OC website Marketplace feature based in Southport. He does all this kind of thing and he gives 10 per cent off for club members. You can access the site through the “areas” link on here.



thanks Thumbs up


The member he is referring to is Brian Radam, who runs the lawnmower Museum on Southport and is also a locksmith (one of his cars has the registration LOK 1 T.

I have used him to get a key and transmitter in the past. The NW website is and you should look in “Marketplace”




might have a drive to southport on the weekend