Knocking on full lock

Have a z sport but on full lock either in reverse or 1st gear it knocks,  feels like its from the suspension/wheels as if something is catching.  This has happened after the garage put it back to normal shocks as i didnt like it lowered.  Any ideas?

Is it knocking or is it the tyres scrubbing on the tarmac?

No it is a definite knocking as you can feel the banging through the steering wheel. It is only on full lock that it does it although the steering does feel a bit skittish otherwise.  I bought the car lowered but it kept grounding on speed bumps so had it put back to normal.  I have a mk2 and the steering is much more solid so wondered if this was a peculiarity of the mk3.

Sounds like a loose/worn ball joint or something not fully done up.  Unusual. 

Take it back and get them to check it.

Like Robbie said, mine used to do it Cool

Bob M. How did you solve yours or is it notmal?

My 2.5 did this recently. It last had full alignment at Wheels in Motion around 18 months ago.

Then just before Christmas started exactly what you’re talking about. Most noticeable going into or out of parking spaces. Always full lock, initially only when steering turned full right, but then became both ways.

I had it in to my local garage twice. Although not an mx5 ‘specialist’, he has his own and advertises with the owners club.

Couldn’t really find anything. He loosened everything off and then tightened it back up again with the front suspension. Noise is gone. He says he still doesn’t know exactly what it was.

I’m still not sure it’s 100%, can sometimes still knock a bit on hard braking with a steering input, but very hard to do and much more subtle, it used to be a real loud clunk you could feel through the steering and through the whole car.

I don’t know if this is a problem or I’m imagining it, the car is down at The Mx5 Restorer next month for an outrageous amount of welding, so when it’s in I’ll ask Garath to have a good look over the front suspension for my own sanity.

Hope that helps.

If it is tyre scrub, I find that cold weather/damp tarmac/old (read hard) tyres can exaggerate the noise. A wheel alignment may improve it but I wouldn’t be too worried. As has been said, if it’s since the suspension change ask the garage to double check their work.

Only did it on full lock at low speed so didn’t worry about it.

Have you tried backing off a bit from hard lock? Seems to me this came up years ago, and someone said it was due to the power steering fighting back against a hard lock. I need a heavy lock to get out of our drive - cars often park conveniently on the other side in front of our drive, but never needed a hard lock over to get out anyway. As another poster remarked “steering input on braking?” - you cant’ be serious, that’s asking for trouble. You should always brake before turning the front wheels.


You got me thinking.

I had a similar issue with the Mk1 a couple of yhears back.

Turned out to be a combination of low ATF in the PAS tank, slipping belt that did NOT actually squeal, and an almost welded to self ball joint.