KW Suspension coil overs

Hello there - the age old question about which coil overs to go for…

Does anyone have any experience of KW Suspension coil overs on their MX-5? They are not cheap (they do a set of non-adjustable coil overs for similar money to the MeisterR Clubsport), but they have a very good reputation for performance and quality when it comes to brands like Porsche, BMW, and the like. However, having read through many threads, I haven’t been able to find any reference to KW Suspension on the MX-5s. Is this because KW just isn’t that good on an MX-5, or is KW Suspension just that bit too expensive?

I have a 1996 Eunos with Bilstein shocks, which are original and in dire need of being replaced (a long with all the rubber parts too, I assume). I am located in Germany and the suspension parts will need to be TUV certified. This means most of the usual suspects for coil overs are not available.

Thank you for any information anyone can provide.

I know the Corten-Miller supercharged Mk3 uses KW variant 3 but I’ve not heard any reports of use on a Mk1. There may be some relative posts on the US forum

Have you considered Ohlins?