Ladies Excuse Me

Please note Photo’s from today now available on Web Site Photo section

Could not see any photos,but here are the event details, sounds like a good idea of having the men do the map reading instead…

Ladies Too

Sunday 6th January 2019

Following last year’s inaugural Ladies Excuse me run, with an amazing 13 lady drivers getting behind the wheel, I (With a little bit of help from David) will be hosting another day encouraging our clubs fantastic lady’s drivers to get behind the wheel.

So once again ladies, lets get the men in the passenger seat, reading tulip maps, using a radio and GET YOURSELF BEHIND THE WHEEL.

The route will be on good roads, with each section been 20 to 30 miles in length. This year we will stay on the lower level roads !!

The ladies will lead the run. Of course Gentlemen drives are welcome on the run, but with a request they “take up” the rear.

The route will feature several stops for refreshments and/or toilet breaks

WE WILL ONCE AGAIN OFFER A HUSBAND SWAPPING SERVICE, for those who don’t want the other 1/2 giving them “advice” for the duration of the drive.