Lancaster - feedback?

Just interested on people’s experiences with Lancaster Insurance.

I took out a policy yesterday, but when I worked through the wording it was setup as a normal policy, rather than a classic scheme with an agreed value.

So I cancelled, with only a couple of hours into the insurance - I was changed £20 as an admin fee! I also mentioned the 28-minute wait for customer service to answer the phone.

Needless to say I am unhappy with their service.

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I’m with them. Very cheap but no option for guaranteed value unless the car was worth a lot more.

There’s a fair bit of negative-Lancaster feedback on here if you do a search. Not had any dealings with them myself, but my experience of insurance companies generally isn’t great. I cancelled a £180 policy on a classic car with a rival to Lancaster recently after two months because I had to sell it. I got £50 back.
“Is that OK?” they asked cheerfully…
What choice did I have?
Unlike politicians, I believe they are all very much the same.

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I’m with them and have an agreed value for my 2001 california…

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Try Admiral, they do classic car insurance with an agreed value.
I’m with them (not classic/agreed value policy) just multi car insurance.
They recently transferred my then MX-5 insurance over to the newly acquired MX-5. I wanted temporary insurance on the other one until sold, they sold me a months cover for £15. I sold it 2 days into that cover and they gave me £13.74 back, no cancellation fee👍

I’m the same with insurance companies, never trust them, they always want more of you hard earned at any opportunity. Admiral are ok for me recently, long may it continue.:+1: