Lancaster Insurance - another black mark

Could not agree more with all the adverse comments about Lancaster Insurance service recently.

Having sold my ‘daily driver’ last month - and while considering which new ND to purchase early in the New Year, I bought an early NA to lightly restore during the coming winter months - but with the option of occasional road use.  

I explained to the young man on their telephone quotation line that I had just cancelled the (very nearly-expired) Insurance on my last car and was looking for a low miles, specialist policy (under 3000 p.a) on the NA.

My previous insurers (Saga) supplied my NCB entitlement letter quickly - and I provided Lancaster with this last month.

Until this morning, all was well… I have a relatively cheap, specialist, Policy which meets all my needs.

However, I was telephoned at home this morning by one M******* (I presume a member of their Customer Service team) who questioned me at length, wanting to know if I was using my full NCB for another car… her stated and repeated reason was that my NCB entitlement letter referred to my former car !!!

I pointed out that the NCB letter stated the date that I had cancelled the remaining weeks of the former Policy  - and that it was the same day I purchased the NA. 

This did not satisfy her at all - she clearly thought it highly suspicious that a 70-year old retired Doctor should use an NA for a few months while deciding on his new car purchase !!

Her attitude and manner on the telephone was one of obvious disbelief (and only just short of suggesting I was engaged in some kind of criminal scam).

In the end I pointed out to her that I really HAD been considering getting an insurance quotation from Lancaster for my new Mazda next year - but that her tone and telephone attitude was SO accusatory that I would not use the company she represented EVER AGAIN.  

I have been driving (and ALWAYS properly insuring) cars ranging from A-H Sprites through Davrians, Ginettas and Ferraris for many, many years - and NEVER received a phone call like today’s from an Insurer.    

Sadly, for me, thanks to M******* of Lancaster Insurance … absolute ZERO customer satisfaction. 


LANCASTERS are not doing themselves any favours , many poor reviews on here .

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