Lancaster insurance BEWARE

Hi all do not and I mean do not insure with Lancaster insurance just cancelled with them only was with them 5 weeks , just charged me £130 ??? I asked them for transcript on the recorded conversation I had when I set up my insurance , did not get so I with held payment to them just had text , a fooking text to say they are passing it over to debt collecting company or I pay today , Angry is not the word people , so been forced to pay money . I am going to make it my mission in the coming years to put as many people off using this greedy robbing company … You all have been warned ! Take my advice or not but it is the worst customer service I have ever had … Ever ! Not going into any more details just save your money shop elsewhere .

Thought this was old thread I posted a couple of months ago.

Had exactly the same experience with them which just seems standard practice for them.


Its crazy really as everyone who they treat like this will never insure with them again and will no doubt put numerous other customers off using them too meaning they will lose far more money than just treating you fairly and charging you a fair amount for the cover you have used!

Having initially put my two MX5’s onto my company’s Fleet Vehicle insurance, I thought that this was possibly a very expensive way to insure the cars considering the limited intended use.
The cost quoted by Lancaster was reasonable against both cars (2007 NC 2lt Sports convertible and a 2014 NC Sports RD-TER Sports Venture ED). However, as I wanted to add my Granddaughter to the policy (she has her own VW Sirocco 2Lt GTD 2017 and pays £780.00 fully comp for the year and held a driving licence for over 4 years) they quoted well over £3,000.00 for the MX5 2014 on this one car.
Obviously this was a non starter and slightly disappointed that their advertisement in the ‘Soft Top Hard Top’ magazine didn’t quite live up to my expectation of achieving both of us insured by this Ins. Broker.

If it helps. I have just insured my 2.5 for £140 fully comp. OK so had to admit that I am over 50 to get Saga insurance and I had to take zero excess, but I am happy. :grinning: