Lancaster insurance problem

I feel it’s my duty to let fellow owners into my recent negative experience with Lancaster classic car insurance. I must make you aware as you could unknowingly have the same issue I had.
I have insured my Eunos roadster with Lancaster insurance for several years now, as usual the policy increases annually but I always ring them and we manage to negotiate and agree on price. My policy is up for renewal in late November, I spoke to them as my premium has mysteriously gone up by a few pence shy of £100. I’m 61 years old, retired civil servant and full no claims bonus and a 5000 miles limited policy. I was told by them that they had changed my insurance provider to another back in 2020. The new provider didn’t recognise the ‘no claims bonus scheme’ and then I was told by their operator who was having an off day that loads of insurance providers have refused to continue to work with Lancaster insurance.
I asked them the question: where have all my no claims years gone to? He replied with ‘good question’. Long story short, for the past three years they’ve not honoured my no claims, they did eventually find them. Fortunately I also had proof of them from my previous provider. Please check your policies and ‘No’ I won’t be dealing with Lancaster insurance again.

Does make you wonder how they arrive at issuing NCB. Not Lancaster, I steer clear from them. My insurer Admiral or ones previously have…
My NCB shows this year 18 years with the MX-5 and 15 years with my daily driver. I’ve only ever owned an MX-5 for 13 years so how have we arrived at 18 years?
And why since I’ve been driving a daily car for 50 years, no claims for at least the last 30 of those years do we arrive at 15 NCB.

I can probably make an educated guess that when I was with Aviva they only passed on to the next insurers 5 years NCB. It was a thing at the time which I think is has now changed.
Still mind boggling that it differs over the two cars.

This very day and yesterday I’m hitting the comparison sites, it’s that time of year.:hot_face:

Interestingly Lancaster have returned a quote only £16 higher than my renewal price this term. Would I take it, very doubtful, next best is £75 more🥴

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I’m with Lancaster, my renewal was recent, showed 1yrs NCB.
I called explained can’t be correct as I’ve been with them 3 yrs.
I was told all classic insurers don’t alway recognise NCB.
The lady double checked and confirmed that I did indeed have 3yrs, so all good in my case.
Deffo one to keep an eye on.

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Not a problem. I had my Caterham 7 insured for 12 years on what they called a “flat rated policy”. It didn’t earn a NCD but when I switched to my MX5 and insured with Lancaster, they did take recognise and take into account that I had 12 claim free years on my previous policy.
NCD’s don’t seem to make much difference as the premium goes up every year and I have to go on the insurance merry go round to hammer the price back down again.

I have 40 years accident free motoring, I hope I haven’t temped fate now!
I recall the NCB being explained to me a few years ago, the insurance companies have a ceiling which is usually 9 or 10 years. This is irrespective of whatever years you actually have, in my case 40 years but my maximum NCB is based on 10 years. No doubt insurance companies will alter/amend to suit their needs. This I have found out to my expense. Thank you very much Lancaster insurance :frowning: I think not!

I’ve been telling people on here for years Lancaster are bad news, its amazing the amount of people who don’t seem to listen. I had an issue with NCB a few years back when one of my insurers refused to recognise anything over something like 9 years which was really annoying as I lost a number of years when I eventually moved to other insurers who did.

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