Lancaster Insurance - renewal price hike

I’m sure this topic has been discussed at length in these pages before but I still need to share it with you.
I’ve just had my renewal offer from Lancaster Insurance and it is an inflation busting 39% increase on last years price. It didn’t take very long on the comparison sites to get pages of cheaper quotes on the same or better terms from a host of credible insurers. There aren’t many advantages of getting old but cheaper car insurance is supposed to be one of them. It was the same story last year but they relented and dropped the price right down again.

I have just sent Lancaster a message explaining my concerns and asking why another year of claim free motoring, customer loyalty and membership of the MX-5 OC has no benefit on my premium.

Going to get a coffee now - thank you for listening.


All the same Max, doesn’t matter which company, don’t get me started :grin:

It does rile you when the company, in my case Admiral say, next year if you feel the price is too high do ring us first as we can maybe offer you a better deal rather than hitting the comparison sites.
Well for one, why don’t they just give you the better deal, and two I won’t know it’s a better deal if I don’t hit the comparison sites. :thinking:

I said don’t get me started. :rofl:

Lancaster insurance increased my insurance too. its the hassle of obtaining quotes that puts me off.