Latest at SEMA 2018

Including a Kaiser ex troop carrier (JEEP) to a 1,000+ BHP RX7. Take your pick!

I love looking through the mad stuff they get at SEMA every year, but can’t see any MX-5s at all this year. 

Sorry about that, but there were several Mazda’s featured, an R100, the RX7 and IIRC another RX7 too, or was it another model? A four rota with Turbo would suit some owners on here! Strictly quarter milers though, too much power for the ‘open road’. (Dream on Gerry!)

No need to apologise! It just seemed odd that no one has seen fit to display any MX-5s this year, at SEMA, or if they have then they’ve not been in ant coverage Iv’e seen,  whereas in previous there have been those done by Mazda as well as others. 

Such as;

NAs, NCs and NDs.

thanks Saz, now you post that I do recall seeing it.  And love it.